Friday, August 16, 2013

New Starbucks in Oslo

Ok, this is a quite old news now but I still wanted to say two words about it. In the past, the only Stabuck's coffeehouse in Oslo (and in Norway if I am not mistaken) was at Oslo airport. You can find a way to go there for less money here by the way.

But recently, Starbucks has opened a new cafe in the center of Oslo, inside Oslo City. Here is a photo I took when it was under construction.

Starbucks under construction, own photo

This is of course a good news as people can enjoy Starbucks coffee without having to the airport. In case you wonder what Oslo City is: it is a shopping center next to the Oslo S train station. It is not that big but has 4 or 5 floors.

That's it, it was just a small post I had in mind for a long time but that I had given up because I kind of missed the opening. Just changed my mind and decided to write about it anyway.

PS: For coffee fans, this is a nice coffee mug for you. Stays cool even if you pour hot coffee in it, the drink stays warm, etc...

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